Raderna: Theodore Roszak

Our society has rejected the mysterious with all the best intensions. We have cast them out in the pursuit of reason and freedom. There is both glory and tragedy in this episode: the glory of great idealism, the tragedy of spiritual blindness elevated to the status of high principle. Yet, as in the case of myth and magic, here to the visionary impulse survives and continues to act upon our lives, though, again, in a subterrenean and distorted fashion. By subordinating the mysterious to militant rationality, we have saddled reason with the function of gnosis, which is to ask the impossible: that the part play the role of the whole.

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Only in our society have men been so willing to undertake a grueling, joyless, self-denying exploitation of themselves, others, and nature at large; to turn their whole being into a grim, anal-aggressive machinery for the ackumulation of profit and power wastly beyound anything they could enjoy. Indeed, the more abstractly huge the quantities at stake, the greater the eagerness to sacrifice health, leisure, and pleasure for their possession.

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Ur "The unfinished animal", av Theodore Roszak, Harper&Row, 1977
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