Dikter av Harold Pinter

After Lunch

And after noon the well-dressed creatures come
To sniff among the dead
And have their lunch

And all the many well-dressed creatures pluck
The swollen avocados from the dust
And stir the minestrone with stray bones

And after lunch
They loll and lounge about
Decanting claret in convenient skulls


It is the dead of night,

The long dead look out towards
The new dead
Walking towards them

There is a soft heartbeat
As the dead embrace
Those who are long dead
And those of the new dead
Walking towards them

They cry and they kiss
As they meet again
For the first and last time

(Hämtade från www.haroldpinter.org)

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Anonym sa...

Enkla och vackra dikter. Framförallt BEGRIPLIGA! Hörde att han skulle sluta skriva dramatik och ägna sig mer åt poesin! BRA!