Wild Mountain Thyme

Här får ni all romantik jag kan erbjuda just nu, och mer ändå.
Lyssna, bry er inte så mycket om videon.
The usual prodcedure, alltså!

Sandy Denny sjunger Wild Mountain Thyme,
och här, i Milk and Honey, gör hon det ännu mer oförglömligt.

För den som vill höra mer finns Nick Drakes version av samma sång.

Gold and silver is the autumn
Soft and tender are her skies
Yes and no are the answers
Written in my true love's eyes

Autumn's leaving and winter's coming
I think that I'll be moving along
I've got to leave her and find another
I've got to sing my heart's true song

Round and round the burning circle
All the seasons: one, two, and three
Autumn comes and then the winter
Spring is born and wanders free

Gold and silver burn my autumns
All too soon they'd fade and die
And then, oh there are no others
Milk and honey were their lies

Texten av Jackson C. Frank

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