Ännu mer kultursociologi

Känns det ibland som ni fastnat i fällan: Kodifiering och karakterisering och hierarkier och kulturellt kapital och habitus och genus och över-och-uderordning, som ständiga tvättbräden i kulturen?

I så fall, läs den här artikeln. Den kan muntra mantrat.

"This spread of sociological thinking has led to sociological living — ways of thinking and seeing that are constructed in order to carry out, yet somehow escape, the relentless demystification sociology requires. Seeing art as a product, mere stuff, rather than a work, has become a sign of a good liberal (as opposed to bad elitist) state of mind. This is why you must support upper-middlebrow Terrence Malick one day, and the next spuriously shock everyone with a loud defense of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Too often, being on the left tasks you with a vigilant daily quest to avoid being tagged with snobbery. In sociological living, we place value on those works or groups that seem most likely to force a reevaluation of an exclusive or oppressive order, or an order felt to be oppressive simply because exclusive. And yet despite this perpetual reevaluation of all values, the underlying social order seems unchanged; the sense of it all being a game not only persists, but hardens."

Läs hela artikeln Här. Och tack till Håkan Lindgren för länken. 

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